Immigrant Investor Visa

The Immigrant Investor Program (IIP) and the Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP) have become an increasingly important source of investment for development projects around the world, attracting billions of dollars to the economy and creating tens of thousands of jobs.

The requirements of these immigrant investment programs and the residency status that is granted to investors differ from country to county. Some Countries grant full permanent residency as part of their investment visa programs, whereas other only grant conditional residency.

Though due diligence and a thorough understanding of the Immigrant Investor Program Landscapes globally, the Visa Council is in a prime position to assist wealthy clients and high net worth investors with immigration, citizenship, residency and secondary passports obtained through Immigrant Investor Program (IIP) and Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP)

Our team of experts and international lawyers specialize in residence planning, citizenships and real estate consulting in various countries worldwide, attractive to foreigners.

The Visa Council has created this guide to assist you in making the correct decisions and to demonstrate the consecutive steps to be followed for our expansive immigration portfolio.

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