Re-application of refusal cases

Re-application of refusal cases

Whichever country visa you applied for or whatever category of visa it may be, when that visa is refused, it feels like all your hopes and aspirations are shattered. Your left wondering why your visa was refused and what you must do next….

Every day, we field calls and enquiries from people who have either been refused a visa in the past or most recently. Their frustration, stress, anxiety and despair is evident. These refusal cases brought before us range from tourism visa refusals to spouses refused a visa to join their partners as dependents or students, after all the hard work of securing admission to a course and institute of their choice but failing to secure a visa or a working professional refused a work permit visa for a job of their dreams or a business traveler refused a visa to attend a meeting / conference / training that could really aid their career progression or parents refused a visa to meet their children settled abroad etc. The examples are endless. But, with all scenarios, the reality of the situation is, the visa officer was not convinced of your true circumstances and your reasons to travel.

●  Almost all applicants who have been refused a visa are now weary and are confused whether to re-apply for fearing the same outcome. Most seek to ask us if, in our professional opinion, we think they should re-apply?Our answer is simple. Re-apply if:

  1. You have a need to travel now
  2. You are not satisfied with the visa officer’s assessment and the outcome of your application
  3. You believe you were not well prepared and hence, you cannot accept the end result
    ●  In the end, the outcome and eventual decision on your visa always lies with the visa officer. However, it is our intent to prepare a case file that would strongly influence the visa officer towards a positive decision.

●  If you can relate to any of the above, then you must re-apply for your visa AND reapply now. We do not believe in the “let’s wait it out and give it some time” concept. Our approach is to right a wrong – NOW!

●  We will understand your case, profile, circumstances, reasons to travel etc. Assess your documents submitted in the previous case and recap your visa interview (if). With our experience and expertise in knowing what the visa officer is looking for, we would identify the weaknesses and loopholes in your case. We will draw out a strategy and plan that would negate the previous reasons for refusal and prepare your case file with clarity and all the additional information we can add. For the US, we would thoroughly prepare you for your next visa interview.